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Nylock Nuts (DIN 982 / DIN 985)

Nylock Nuts (DIN 982 / DIN 985)

Nylock Nuts (DIN 982 / DIN 985)

Materials: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel & Stainless steel
Grade: Class5, Class6, Calss8, Class10 
Size: M3 to M30 (in cold forging), 3/6” to 1” (in cold forging)
Finish: White Zinc plated, yellow Zinc Plated, Auto Black, Chrome Plating & others as per customer requirement
Standards:DIN 982, DIN 985, DIN6924, UNC, UNF,BSW & BSF, ISO:7040
Hardness: Vickers HV5:302(Max), HRC:30(Max)


Standard specifications of DIN 982 Nylock Nuts are as below:

Sturdfix Nylock Nut Din 982


Specification of Sturdfix Nylock Nut 982

Standard specification of DIN 985 Nylock Nuts are as below:


Nylock Nut Sturdfix Din 985

drawing of Din 985 Sturdfix  Singhania International Ltd


Specification Sturdfix Nylock Nut Din 985