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Borax Pentahydrate Granular

Borax Pentahydrate Granular

Borax Pentahydrate Granular

Borax Penta is used in corrosion inhibitor solution, starches, adhesives ceramics, glass manufacturing of boron compounds, textiles etc.


Chemical Specification

Analyte Guarantee
B2 O3 % 48.6 - 49.3
Equivalent Na2 B4 O7 5H2O % 101.7-103.1
Na2 O % 21.6-21.9
SO4 ppm ≤ 100
Cl ppm ≤ 120
Fe ppm ≤ 10
Water insolubles ppm ≤ 400


Borax Pentahydrate used at the correct equivalent rate gives solution or melts identical in composition with those of Borax Decahydrate; it may therefore be substituted at a saving in all applications where borax is used. Among present application of Borax Pentahydrate are wire drawing bath, corrosion inhibitor solutions, starches, starches, adhesives and the manufacture of other boron compounds

Ceramics (Glazes and Colours salt Glazing) Cosmetics Leather finishing
Chemical Manufacturing( Boron, Fluorides, Fluborates, Borides, Boron alloys, Boron Carbide, Ferro - Boron ) Dye stabilizer Glass; optical, fibre
Electroplating (Nickel) Deliming hides Wood preservative
Enamels Paints latex base Borosilicate
Citrus Fruit Wash (Blue asnd Green and mould inhibitor) Flame proofing Pharmaceuticals
Textile finishing Fluxes, welding and sand – casting
Insecticides brazing magnesium alloys