Singhania international - Fastener Manufacturer in India

welcome to singhania international ltd.

Singhania International Ltd. is a top global brand that produces an array of safe, durable and high-quality products for the manufacturing and construction industry. Hardware fasteners and wires are core components in this industry and Singhania International Ltd. has emerged as a leader in manufacturing and supplying a diversity of products in both categories.

Based in one of the top industrial hubs of India, it sources top-quality raw materials and creates excellent products that are long-lasting and robust. The company’s product range includes steel wires, high tensile fasteners, bolts, threaded rods, NY lock nuts, B7 studs. Singhania International Ltd. is also a leader in supplying carbon raiser, manganese metal and perlite ore.

True to its name, Singhania International Ltd. not only supplies fasteners, steel wires and metal-based materials across India, but to other parts of the world as well. Due to the company’s commitment to quality, punctuality and excellent customer service, it is now an internationally preferred fastener and steel wire supplier for many international industrialists.


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