Singhania international - Fastener Manufacturer in India
Philosophy & Policies

Philosophy & Policies

  • Philosophy & Policies

    We are a company that believes in maintaining Harmony between our ecological and business standards.

    Our Vision

    To establish as a premier company to develop new market segments while strengthening our existing business.

    Our Mission

    • To be a name to reckon with globally in manufacturing steel wires, cold forged components and fasteners.
    • To remain committed to high standard of ethics in all spheres of our business.
    • To continuously work for the betterment of environment.
    • To provide unmatched quality at competitive price with very best service to our customers.

    Our Values

    • Quality:  We are committed to delivering fasteners that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.
    • Innovation:  We are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve our products and processes.
    • Customer Service:  We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and building long-term relationships with our customers.
    • Integrity:  We conduct our business with honesty, transparency, and ethical behaviour.
    • Teamwork:  We value collaboration, respect, and open communication among our employees and with our customers.


    Our Future Plans-

    We have several exciting plans for the future of our company, including:

    • Expanding our product range to include a wider variety of fasteners in different materials.
    • Investing in new technology and equipment to improve our manufacturing capabilities and increase efficiency.
    • Enhancing our sustainability efforts by reducing waste, conserving energy, and minimizing our environmental impact.
    • Expanding our market reach by exploring new partnerships and markets.
    • Continuing to prioritize the development of our employees and their skills, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.


    Our Policies

    Environment Policy

    We at Singhania International Limited will continuously strive to create a clean environment through our activities, products and services by committing ourselves to:

    > Conserving natural resources through Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

    > Continuing product innovations to improve environmental compatibility.

    > Complying with all relevant legal and other requirements.

    > Controlling pollution through effective  measures.

    > Communicating the policy to all concerned.

     We constantly strive to motivate our Vendors and Suppliers, to follow this policy, and be a part of the change.

    Quality Policy

     Our quality policy summarizes the essential elements of our commitment for excellence and includes-

    > Meeting all requirements of our customers by fostering a quality culture that aims to develop and market products that are trusted and preferred by our clients as amongst the best in the world.

    > Developing suppliers and contractors to mutually beneficial relationship and to consistently comply with our requirements.

    > Winning over the customers through our product quality, timely delivery, fair price and outstanding service.

    > Adhering to all statutory and regulatory requirements that apply to product process and activities.

    > Ensuring commitment of all at all levels of the organisation to build Singhania culture.

    Health & Safety Policy

    We at Singhania International Limited are committed for improvement in health, safety and welfare of all its employees and community at large. We shall create a safety culture in our organization by:

     > Integrating safety and healthy habits in all our activities.

    > Promoting safety and health awareness amongst employees, suppliers and contractors.

    > Providing and maintaining all out safety in our plant, and its equipment.

    > Continuous improvements in safety through precautions and training of employees.

    > Complying with all the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

    Overall, our vision, mission, values, and future plans reflect our commitment to delivering high-quality fasteners that meet the needs of our customers, while also upholding the highest standards of quality, innovation, and ethical behavior.

    Child and Forced Labour Policy

    At Singhania International Limited, any person below the age of eighteen years is not employed.  Singhania International Limited also prohibits the use of forced or compulsory labour at all its units. No employee is made to work against his/her will or work as forced labour. This policy is publicly available throughout the company and clearly communicated to all employees through induction programmes and policy manual etc.

    We constantly strive to motivate our Vendors and Suppliers, to follow this policy, and be a part of the change.


    Our Product Range

    • Sheet Metal Components
    • Steel Wire
    • Fasteners
    • Ore, Minerals & Coal
    • Ferro Alloys
    • Chemicals
    • Non-Ferrous Metals