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Antimony Ingot

Antimony Ingot

Antimony Ingot

Antimony Ingot main as alloy hardener to be used in metallurgy, battery, and war industry and so on, also is the production of antimony oxide materials, antimony ingot is also used in movable type printing industry, lead materials, cable sheath, solder and sliding bearing.

Applications of Antimony Metal Ingots

  • Principally in alloys with lead for storage battery grids.
  • For alloys which expand on solidification and for solders.
  • In alloys with other metals for electrical & other uses and for manufacturing Antimony Compounds.
  • Also used in lead Acid Batteries.
  • Metal Ingot Size : 20 kgs- 24 kgs
  • Packing : One MT Jombo Bag.


Technical Specification of Antimony Metal Ingots


Regular Grade

High Grade

Antimony (Sb)

99.65% Min.


Arsenic (As)

0.10% Max.

0.02% Max.

Lead (Pb)

0.20% Max.

0.10% Max.

Iron (Fe)

0.01% Max.

0.01% Max.

Copper (Cu)

0.01% Max.

0.01% Max.


50 PPM Max.

10PPM Max.


100ppm Max.

50PPM Max.